I was adopted at birth, and found out at age 30 that my conception was not from love, but rather an incestuous rape.  My biological mother was raped by her own father.  I was the 2nd of 6 children conceived in rape and incest, and I am the only survivor of the 6.  The first was a forced miscarriage through violence.  My pregnancy was hidden, and I was placed for adoption at birth.  The 4 children conceived after my birth and adoption were aborted to cover up the actions of the abuser, my biological father/grandfather.  The option of abortion allowed him to punish innocent children (my brothers and sisters) by way of death, and my biological mother with continued abuse and trauma for over 20 years.  

After learning of my beginning, I went on to reunite with my biological family.  I learned that I have a half-sister, and I now have the opportunity to get to know her and other members of the family.  My biological mother made the selfless decision to save my life and place me out of harms way into the arms of 2 very loving parents.  I am married, and we have 2 beautiful children.  Our story does not end there...  I mentioned that I was adopted.  My husband was also adopted, and both of our children were adopted as well.  It is  unfathomable to think how all of these lives would be different if my own birth mother would not have spared my life.  I would not have been a daughter to my adoptive parents, a wife to my loving husband, a mother to our two beautiful children, friend, and so on and so on.  Legally, my birth mother could have aborted me too, as I was born after the Roe v. Wade decision.  I am forever grateful for her life-saving decision!

Learning of the circumstances surrounding my existence, I left my 10 year career in banking to go back to school.  This revelation changed my direction.  I was working my way up the corporate ladder, as they say, and I had been satisfied with this up until the point of prayerfully making the decision to reunite with my biological family.  This turning point led me back to school to get my Master's Degree in Social Work.  It also led me to share my story in effort to reach others.  I did not deserve to have my life extinguished because of what my biological grandfather did to my birth mother.  My life is just as important as anyone else’s.  Abortion, especially in cases of rape and incest, can add much more trauma to the already difficult circumstance.  It is an injustice to both the woman and child.